About Us

TRAC Management, LLC. has served homeowners associations in the Triangle since 1988! We are a team of experienced real estate agents, brokers, and property managers.

We offer professional services for HOAs and boards of directors. Request a proposal for your HOA community management services. We want to be part of your team.

I live in the Glennstone Community and this company has done more in the past couple of months than our previous management company did in 16 years, I’m looking forward to see future improvements to our neighborhood in the days ahead!

– Victor W., Glennstone


As an owner of a Hilltop Condo, we couldn’t be more pleased than we are with the management of Tom Whisnant and TRAC Management. He is always a timely phone call away, with who to call for quality repair services or other help. He never disappoints.

  •  – Ed Rose, Hilltop Condominiums


As the current president of the Weatherstone Unit Owners Association, I can vouch for the TRAC Management team’s ability to work with a board and community to meet their needs. We relay on their guidance, responsiveness and their ability to respond quickly to an emergency. I would highly recommend Tom.”

– Jessica Ferrari, HOA President


Tom Whisnant began his property management services with us in 2012 and has served us well since then. TRAC Management provides the HOA Board of Directors with financial maintenance, planning and administrative support. As President of the Home Owners Association, I rely upon them and appreciate their knowledge, responsiveness, and resourcefulness.

  • – Matt Drake, HOA President


A personalized, caring manager. Tom shows his caring by scrupulously checking our vendors. He has a flexible approach to problems and usually finds good solutions. He helps sellers and buyers of property in the community by facilitating anything at needs to be fixed in order that the sale goes through. His is a personable, sweet person, who presents as the face of our neighborhood wherever he goes.

– R.S., Board Member